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Our Story

Baking since
the Circuit Breaker

As the Circuit Breaker was ongoing in Singapore April 2020, our jobs were affected. We made better use of our time by baking. A close friend requested for brownies and we whipped up a batch and shared them with friends and family. After receiving rave reviews for our first batch, we started selling them to friends. From that, a punny friend coined the name for us and..
The Circuit Baker was born.

We wish to continue to sweeten your taste buds with our bakes as life resumes to normalcy post-“circuit breaker”

Our Promise

We use only the highest quality ingredients. Hidden in the fudge lies the finest Bourbon Vanilla Beans from Madagascar. Our bakes are sprinkled with Maldon Sea Salt Flakes, striking the perfect balance between sweet and salty.

Each batch is hand-mixed to ensure the quality of our bakes. Our bakes are timed to the tee to create the perfect texture and guaranteed to be baked fresh daily.

Giving Back

Our little business started during a time when businesses took a hard-hit and people lost their jobs. We are eternally grateful for the love and support shown by our customers.

Once a month, we give back to the community, by paying forward a portion of our profits to charities in Singapore.

Thank you for playing a part by buying our bakes!